Having studied at the best and most specialized school of silver and gold in Greece, the school “Mokume Studio”, Lefteris Bouzakis is constantly experimenting, attending seminars in Greece and abroad with the aim of specializing in gold.

Equipped with the ability to design and create handmade jewelry, combined with the know-how it now has, the first personal collaborations with Greek and foreign clients begin in order to create unique jewelry.

In 2006 he starts his own workshop and since then, with continuous training and experimentation with different materials, he expresses himself through original creations that carry his special personal style.

With creativity and passion, in December 2017, Lefteris Bouzakis and Voula Mathioudaki, inaugurate a new and elegant store in the center of Chania, at 60 Kidonias Street.

From then until today, they continue to pleasantly surprise us with their unique creations! You will find out with a visit.

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